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Red Multi-Purpose Complex EP2 Grease

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Absolute CSX 2 is a high quality, premium performance, polymer enhanced grease which is specifically formulated to be highly effective in wet and marine environments offering outstanding performance in the presence of water. The product offers excellent load carrying ability and wide operating temperature range, it exhibits excellent protection from rust and corrosion and displays superior adhesive properties offering outstanding protection to rotating parts. The advanced thickener system enhances high temperature and extreme pressure capabilities and allows the product to absorb moderate amounts of water without softening, changing consistency or losing corrosion prevention.
Absolute CSX 2 is recommended for use as a bearing grease in automotive, manufacturing, construction and plant and agricultural applications. It may also be used on slides and booms and is in particular suited to marine and wet environment applications where water wash-out presents lubrication problems.

Performance Features
Excellent performance in the presence of water
Wide temperature range
High Pressure Capabilities
Protects components from rust and corrosion
Superior adhesive properties
Non-Sacrificial anti-oxidant chemistry
Polymer enhanced

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