Coil Ignition Contact Breaker Points (Wipac / Lucas)


Contact breaker points to suit P5ME, P6ME, P55ME and P66ME engines with coil ignition system.

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There are three variants available for P5ME, P6ME, P55ME and P66ME engines.  The Wico/Wipac version and two Lucas versions.  The two Lucas variants can be fitted to the same back plate but the fixing and adjuster screws (not supplied) will need changing so it is advised that you look closely at the image.  The slot on the end of the fixing plate is the significant detail to note.

Type 1)  Wico/Wipac coil ignition system

Type 2) Lucas variant one has a deep slot on the end for the adjuster

Type 3) Lucas variant 2 has a V-shape slot in the end

Additional information

Weight 19 g
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 cm

Type 1 – Wipac, Type 2 – Lucas with deep slot, Type 3 – Lucas with V-slot