P5 / P6 Service kit


Select your own kit of gaskets to rebuild a P5 or P6 engine.


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Select your own kit of gaskets to rebuild a P5 or P6 engine.   No kit of gaskets will ever suit everyone.  Hopefully this configurable kit will make it easy to buy the gaskets you need.

A full rebuild typically requries:
1x  Head gasket BP0018
1x  Base gasket BP015
1x  Expansion cover gasket BP0020
2x  Chimney gasket BP0022
2x  Stuart Oval gasket BP0023
1x  Water pump drive gasket BP0028
1x  Magneto drive gasket BP0026
1x  P5 Gearbox gasket
1x  Tower gasket
2x  Crank seal

Please note that this is the basic kit of parts to help those new to the engines.  Alternative head gaskets, including copper sandwich gaskets are also available in our store, as are thicker expansion cover gaskets and gaskets for less common gearbox variants.  Please use the search to browse for those if you can’t find what you are looking for here.

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