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Service kit including seals and gaskets for R3 engines.


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Select your own kit of gaskets to rebuild an R3 engine.   No kit of gaskets will ever suit everyone.  Hopefully this configurable kit will make it easy to buy the gaskets you need.

A full rebuild typically requires:
1x  Head gasket BP0213
1x  Base gasket BP0002
1x  Expansion cover gasket BP0007
1x  Chimney gasket set BP0193
1x  Water pump drive gasket BP0218
1x  Crankcase gasket BP0008
1x  Gearbox gasket BP0093
1x  Timing cover gasket BP0170
1x  Tower gasket BP0010
1x  Amal 396 carburettor bowl gasket BP0004  (Amal carburettor engines only)
1x  Amal manifold to barrel gasket BP0173  (Amal carburettor engines only)
1x  Amal carburettor gasket BP0172  (Amal carburettor engines only)
2x  Core plug BP0052
2x  Crank seal BP0013
1x  Timing cover oil seal BP0078
1x  Gearbox gasket BP0014   (R3M engines only)
1x  Oil seal centrifugal clutch BP0114  (R3MC engines only)
1x  Felt washer  BP0134 (for magneto drive)
1x  Gland packing for water pump BP0029
1x  Water pump grease  BP0145

Please note that this is the basic kit of parts to help those new to the engines.  Please use the search or browse the shop if you can’t find what you are looking for here as there are many parts not listed above.

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